Mining Equipment supplies new and quality remanufactured rolling stock and tunneling equipment. Based in the United States, currently more than 50 percent of our sales are exported to countries on 6 continents.

During its first 15 years, Mining Equipment concentrated on remanufacturing equipment and its sale and rental to the mining and tunneling industries worldwide. Nearly 20 years ago Mining Equipment purchased C.S. Card and Moran Engineering. C.S. Card has been building rolling stock since the early 1900s for the mining industry in the United States. Moran Engineering was the primary supplier of rolling stock and backup equipment for the tunneling industry in the US in the 1960s, 70's, and 80's. This purchase provided Mining Equipment with an extensive library (approximately 2000 drawings) of proven designs ranging from Telluride 'no loss' muck cars to concrete/grout cars, and California switches. Our design team uses these drawings as a base which they can adapt to meet the specific requirements of almost any project.



Another step in the development of Mining Equipment was the decision in 2001 to start production and fabrication of our new rolling stock in China. Now with over 15 years experience of producing equipment in China, Mining Equipment has staff permanently in the country and this is augmented by regular inspection visits from head office to our production facilities.


Mining Equipment has a robust quality policy in place at all of our fabrication facilities including those we use in China. We also have dedicated in country staff that confirm our stipulated and stringent quality standards are met. Mining Equipment has supplied our Chinese fabricated rolling stock to companies with very strict quality tolerances such as the US Government.


CE certification is now available on all Mining Equipment Rolling Stock.

28 cubic yard muck cars working in Doha

Flat cars and segment cars ready for shipment

Grout cars ready for work