Mining Equipment is proudly building a complete line of diesel locomotives. We have been rebuilding every make of locomotive available for almost 40 years, and so have seen examples of the good, the bad and the impractical when it comes to locomotive design. Using that hard earned knowledge and experience along with a great deal of customer input we decided to build a simpler, more robust locomotive.

Planetary drives and wet disc brakes highlight our 15-35 ton class locomotives. Making them extremely low maintenance, thus saving you time and money on labor and parts. We also build locomotives in the smaller 4-12 ton range. These models feature a hydrostatic drive and heavy duty gear boxes.


Throughout the design process our goals have been: Keep it simple; Make it strong; Minimize maintenance.

The “heart” of this philosophy is centered around our custom designed rigid bevel gear axle with planetary reduction wheel hubs (final torque reduction at wheel), featuring integral hydraulic applied wet disk brakes and spring applied parking/emergency brakes.



Most of our new locomotives feature a hydrodynamic three speed transmission with lock-up torque converter and engine exhaust brake and integrated wet disk brakes. These items combined together provide wear free braking.

Our 25 ton can be used in underground or surface mining, in tunneling or construction projects. The 25 ton can be built with various engines and drive components, all of which effect speed, power and tractive effort. Haulage capacity is contingent on locomotive weight, horsepower and adhesion factors such as track conditions. A Mining Equipment representative can assist you in determining the combination that is best suited to your particular application.

We use as standard Cummins Diesel power packs – these units have industry leading global warranty and service packages (other brands such as Deutz and CAT can be provided as options).