Mining Equipment has the ability to fabricate various items for your mining and tunneling needs. Such as custom ventilation accessories, built in our shop in Farmington, NM and high volume items built in our shops in China. Whether it is a one-off item or more, bring us your ideas and specifications to see what Mining Equipment can build for your project.


Mining Equipment builds new California switches for all size tunnels. Our California switches utilize a compressed air system to charge air bags which in turn activate wheel and axle sets to make moving the switch simple and easy.


Mining Equipment has worked with several mining companies and contractors to help speed the mucking progress with various mucking systems. From Rollover Dumps to Camelback Dumps, Mining Equipment has the knowhow to create a system that will work for your project.


Mining Equipment offers a full line of ventilation accessories. Heavy-duty dampers, wyes, inlet bells, and discharge cones and screens can all be built to specific requirements.


Mining Equipment is fabricating new Slusher Buckets to the original C.S. Card HD specifications. The buckets are cast and the lips are made from High Manganese Content Steel to withstand the harsh conditions they will see on your jobsite. Currently being manufactured in 24” to 48” sizes.


Mining Equipment has produced Rail Sleepers for tunnel contractors looking to speed their advancement and make cleanup more efficient. We can custom fabricate Rail Sleepers to the required gauge of rail and to the contour of your tunnel.